Fitzgerald Church of the Nazarene
Sunday, August 20, 2017

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Church Board - Marline Couey, Kelli Douglas, Wayne Downing, Lauren Fuller, Jack Garner, Hubert Gills, Rita Nier, Ann Wynn
NMI President - Mary Ann Garner
SDMI Director - Kay Batton
NYI President - Vacant
NMI Council - Kelli Douglas, Brenda Downing, Kyle Fuller, Pamela Gills
SDMI Council - Jean West, Lauren Fuller, Nikki Newcomb, David Bohler
NMI District Assembly Convention Delegates - Marline Couey, Matthew Fuller, Rita Nier, Ann Wynn, Alternate - Malaurie Fuller
District Assembly Delegates - Marline Couey, Brenda Downing, Wayne Downing, Kyle Fuller