Fitzgerald Church of the Nazarene
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Church Board and Church Leaders

Church Officers: 2017-2018


Board Members:

Marline Couey, Kelli Douglas, Wayne Downing, Lauren Fuller, Jack Garner, Hubert Gills, Rita Nier, Ann Wynn 

Chairperson, Board of Stewards - Kay Batton

Duties:  Church dinners, communion, bereavement meals, décor, etc.


Chairman, Buildings/Grounds - Lauren Fuller

Duties:  Any work to the physical church plant and property


Chairman, Board of Trustees - Wayne Downing

Duties:  all legal and corporate documents, guidance to the development of the physical plant and ministries, all property purchases, all construction projects


Chairman, Finance Committee -

Duties:  oversee all church budget monies, prepare an annual budget, monitor credits/debits, present to the church board all requests for non-budget expenditures


Chairman, Investments - Wayne Downing

Duties:  monitor and advise on investment strategies and report to the church board


Music Committee - Mary Ann Garner, Director

Duties:  music schedule, music specials, cantatas, etc.


NMI President - Mary Ann Garner

NMI Council - Kelli Douglas, Brenda Downing, Kyle Fuller, Pamela Gills

SDMI Director - Kay Batton

SDMI Council - Jean West, Lauren Fuller, Nikki Newcomb, David Bohler

Nursery & Pre K Department Head -  


Children's Department Head - Jean West


NYI President - Matthew Fuller


Children's Church Director - Jean West

NMI District Assembly Convention Delegates - Marline Couey, Matthew Fuller, Rita Nier, Ann Wynn, Alternate-Malaurie Fuller
District Assembly Delegates - Marline Couey, Brenda Downing, Wayne Downing, Kyle Fuller